Telemonitor, Inc.

Internet-Based Monitoring and Control

Telemonitor specializes in remote monitoring of: environmental systems; property; and equipment.  It’s smart monitoring gives you both control of your monitoring system remotely and intelligent archiving of your database and analytics.   We at Telemonitor have harnessed the efficiency and power of the Internet to bring access and interactivity with remote areas.

Make Sensors Make Sense

As Easy As You Thought It Should Be

The Bridge Between Real & Cyber

Sensors Are How Machines Perceive The World

Move Data To The Cloud

Cloud Based Machine Perception

We Are Pioneers In Remote Monitoring

Our Technology

Our products improve the quality of information gathered from sensors, and allow for efficient and reliable transmission of the information.This results in more flexible installations and lower transmission costs.

Our Products are in three primary areas

Smart Sensors & Smart Sensor Interfaces

Smart Remote Monitoring

Embedded Web Servers

Be there. Even when you can’t

 Remote monitoring
Installation of remote cameras