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Telemonitor is a pioneer in sensor technology. When you combine our background in sensor technology with our expertise in low power, rugged environmental, consumer and military applications – it allows us to excel in bringing access to isolated assets.

Though our smart remote monitoring can be used for any application we have specialized in remote monitoring of environmental projects.  Please enjoy some of our imagery from the National Park Service’s program to monitor animal activity along the corridor of the AT.

Texas Instruments, a pioneer in Bluetooth Low Energy, estimates there will be 50 Billion BLE devices by 2020 – 2 years from now.

 Telemonitor has put BLE in things from foot gauges to tape measures to an electronic home plate.

What Do You Need to Add BLE To?

Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors


Wireless machine perception

Flexible designs for every application

Smart Remote Monitoring

Power systems for every application & location

Be There

Remote control of monitoring systems – that can trigger alerts when needed

Time - lapse video

Simple, reliable solutions with our expertise in software and mechanical design

Real time and archival

Systems designed to match each need and application

Embedded Network Controller

Make Sensors Make Sense

Internet of Things

Value-added, easy to use, remote monitoring and control

Telemonitor’s Partners

Our partners and collaborators span environmental groups, research and academic institutions, and commercial designers.

The Team

Robert N. Johnson,  President and CEO of Telemonitor, Inc.

Mr. Johnson has been involved with smart sensors in some form for most of his career, including a pioneering patent on Smart Remote Monitoring and Method.

Robert N. Johnson is co-founder, president, and CEO of Telemonitor, Inc. He previously co-founded Electronics Development Corporation (EDC), where he served as president and CEO for fifteen years. He is still chairman and CEO of EDC. Prior to that, Mr. Johnson worked at the U. S. Army’s Harry Diamond Laboratories where he had technical and project responsibility for development of electronic fuzes for use with field artillery. He was educated at the University of Tennessee, receiving a B. S. degree in mechanical engineering.

In addition to numerous publications, he was the founder of the IEEE P1451.0 Working Group that defined a hardware-independent set of functions, protocols, and Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) for smart sensors and actuators.

Currently he is developing Bluetooth Enabled products/applications and partnering with educational institutions and private companies on smart remote monitoring, particularly for environmental issues.


Ralph Eschenbach – Telemonitor Board Member

Ralph Eschenbach is currently a Vice President, and has held, President, Treasurer, and Board Member positions with Sand Hill Angels – a group of about 100 angel investors in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has made over 50 angel investments with multiple exits. Prior to this he was the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Trimble Navigation Ltd. He held this position from 6/94 to 6/06. Before that he was Vice President of Avionics from 11/89. He started that division with an acquisition, and grew it to about 35 M$ in annual revenue. He joined Trimble in 1983 as Vice President of Engineering. Before joining Trimble he was Department Manager at Hewlett Packard labs, responsible for research in several areas of communication protocols and systems. It was at HP that he developed the first working GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver in 1976 that demonstrated the potential for addressing a low cost market for a positioning sensor. That receiver became the basis for Trimble’s entry into the GPS market.
He has authored more than thirty papers on GPS receiver’s design and testing. Several of his ideas have been patented with over 20 patents granted. He has provided the technical and managerial leadership in five generations of receiver development. In 1987 he won the Institute of Navigation’s “Better Mousetrap Award” for innovation in GPS receiver design. In 1991 he won Discover Magazine’s award for “Innovation in Computers and Technology”.

Mr. Eschenbach received his BSEE from UC Berkeley and MSEE from Stanford University.

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James Oakford Moore – Telemonitor Board Member

James Moore is an electronics engineer who for over 30 years has worked in the field of process control instrumentation, concentrating on research and development.  This included electronic controllers, transmitters, and ultrasonic flow measurement techniques.  Additionally he is concentrated on capacitive pressure sensor research and development and design of the electronic circuitry necessary to interface with a microcontroller.  Finally, he as done work in the development of diagnostic tests, including a vacuum resonance method for evaluating the mechanical properties of pressure sensors in their nascent state.  He has twelve patents associated with this research.

Currently he is director of “Marshlands” an environmental and education facility in Chester County PA that is conduction research on remote environmental monitoring with Telemonitor and other education institutions.  He is also active on the IEEE/NIST P1451.2 Working Group on Smart Sensors.  This group is developing a standard to provide digital connectivity including “self awareness” to smart sensors & actuators.

From 1969-2000, Jim Moore was worked at Moore Products, Co, Spring House, PA.  He was the General Manager of the Measurement and Control division and then the Director of Corporate Technology. Prior to that he worked as an electronics engineer at Sprague Electronics & Westinghouse. His MSEE was from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & BSEE from Cornell University.

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Virginia Quesada – Media and Public Relations

Virginia Quesada has had successful parallel careers as a producer/editor, media artist and educator.

Her award winning media arts programming has been distributed nationally and internationally. Her work includes clients like PBS, Discovery, Sony Music Television, National Geographic and MacNeil Lehrer Productions, the Modern Museum of Art and the Smithsonian museum.

She has taught media arts all her life. She is currently a level two AVID Certified Instructor and an ADOBE Certified Instructor in Premiere Pro.

After many years in the media profession she still feels lucky to do the work she does.

Ms. Quesada’s BFA was from SUNY at Albany, Magna Cum Laude and MFA from the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Summa Cum Laude.

Intelligent data analysis and archiving

      • Fully responsive monitoring
      • Intelligent archiving
      • Scaleable support solutions
      • Unlimited storage options
      • Spectrum of image quality solutions

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